True stories

  • Carpenter Khalid has a small wood workshop on Defence Road Lahore Cantt. He will be out of business unless he adds new machine tools.
    ABF provided PKR 30,000/- for this job to be returned in 12 instalments.
    This helped him increase his earnings.
  • Suhail has a small retail cloth outlet in Chowdry plaza Walton Road and lack of finances, he was about to close.
    With Timely ABF QARZ E HASNA PKR 100,000/- he purchased more stuff and as a result of increased sales his cash flow improved.
    He returned the in one year ( no interest)
  • Poor Imran needed a shelter for his young family. PKR 100,000/- provided by ABF helped him buy a small piece of Land and construct a small house on his village.
    He returns in 12 equal instalments.
  • Young Manzoor wanted his Rickshaw Engine to be repaired to be road worthy. PKR 5,000/- helped him to get the job done and stated making his daily earnings.
  • Ali driver has very young nephew/nieces with both parents deceased. Monthly PKR 10,000/- per month help,( not to be returned) helps them keep body and soul together.
  • Shabbir does not make enough earnings from his Land to send his child to school.
    PKR 2,000/- every month covers his Education Expenses,
  • Surreyas husband killed in accident, ABF sponsored State life life insurance
    is the only source of Income for her.
  • Iram Munir (MBBS- AIMC)2019, 1st ABF Scholar, daughter of small vender in Pakpattan. ABF team headed by Dr Zareen identified her a poor needy intelligent student. Her 100% 5 years medical expenses were born by ABF. Now She is a Medical Doctor doing House Job.